20 minutes
Complexity: Easy
Serves: 6

Cooking Instructions

  1. Prepare Crispy Honey Chicken in oven according to package directions.
  2. In small bowl, stir together sour cream, lime zest and lime juice.
  3. On platter, top tortilla chips with guacamole, lettuce, honey chicken and tomato. Drizzle with lime sour cream.

Tip: Top also with diced jalapeño pepper slices, crispy bacon bits or green onions if desired.


InnovAsian Crispy Honey Chicken
18 oz
Sour Cream
0.33 cup
Lime Zest
2 tsp
Lime Juice
2 tbsp
Whole-Grain Tortilla Chips
2.25 oz
0.5 cup
Shredded Lettuce
1.5 cup
Diced Tomato
0.5 cup