“Our spirit of innovation and passion for Asian cuisine will never dim”

Grocery store delis were places for meats and cheeses, end of list. Our founders, a pair of food distribution dynamos, saw a serious lack of options and a serious opportunity to bring mouthwatering new flavors to hungry people across the land.

With a well-established legacy of world-class customer service, Seattle was the perfect place to start that journey. Proudly dubbed “Gateway To The Pacific,” our city is home to cultures and cuisines from both sides of the ocean. We pride ourselves on our U.S.-based supply chain and Nichirei, our partners in innovation from across the Pacific.

In the more than 20 years since InnovAsian got its start, we’ve expanded grocery store hot bars, took over the freezer aisle and created simple meal kits to be shared with the whole family. Our spirit of innovation and passion for Asian cuisine will never dim, because we see how much joy it brings our customers. We look forward to feeding friends, families and fans all over the country for years to come.

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The Tukwila-based frozen food brand is partnering with Stoup Brewing for a concert that benefits affordable health care for local musicians.